The volunteers – the heart and the soul of the water polo spectacle in Spaladium

The special story of the European Championships

While the second half of the European Championships is getting closer and closer, we are going to introduce you to the special part of water polo spectacle in Spaladium Arena. They are easily recognisable and known for their blue T-shirts, a smile on their faces and answers to every single problem. There are more than 200 volunteers with their youngest one being only eight and a half years old.

This competition is given the soul and the heart by this wonderful team of volunteers gathered by Croatian Water Polo Association in cooperation with Croatian Academic Sports Alliance. “We are proud and delighted to be the hosts of more than 200 volunteers from 10 countries who have arrived in the very heart of Dalmatia, Renato Živković, the main secretary of Croatian Water Polo Association and the executive director of the European Championships in Split pointed out while wishing the best regards and welcome to all the arriving volunteers.

Commitment and dedication to work, the incredible precision and care for the details are only small part of our younger and older helpers who are the fully-fledged members of the organization team of the European Championships. Starting early in the morning, from the first moment the teams, the media and the guests arrive until the very last moment, tireless volunteers are running through the halls and stairs of the Spaladium. What else to say, but a gigantic BRAVO for the endless will and energy. We are pleased to know that these European Championships are the big part of our volunteers’ lives.