Mr. Josip Varvodić, LEN Vice President

LEN Vice President Message to the organisers of the 2022. European Water Polo Championships

It is a special privilege for me to write this message. I am confident, as the Vice President of LEN, that one of our top competitions is in safe hands but I’m also very proud that the Spaladium Arena and the historic city of Split will offer the perfect stage for Europe’s top water polo teams and athletes.

It’s true that, thanks to my father’s passion and commitment to the sport, that I literally took my first steps by the side of a swimming pool and was in the water not long after that.

Croatia has always been a country that loved our sport, but water polo in particular is one of our national treasures. But the country also played a powerful role in the campaign to change the future of European Aquatics, so I am now honoured, as a recently elected LEN Vice President, that we are also hosting a top competition to give a sign of the bright future to come.

I’m excited to think of the reception that Europe’s best athletes will receive in the Spaladium Arena at the end of August. We are going to have fantastic competition with the Split fans making it a weeks to remember. We have lived through two terrible years of the Covid Pandemic and now, war in Europe. But Split will allow us to show a happier face and point to a brighter future ahead.

Josip Varvodic

LEN Vice President