International conference as a part of the water polo spectacle in Split

Signed Contract between Croatian Water Polo Federation and Faculty of Kinesiology in Split

In the fantastic water polo ambience of the Spaladium Arena, nine days before the start of the 35th Edition of the European Championship (EWPC) co-organised by LEN and the Croatian Water Polo Federation (CroWP), an Agreement on joint organization of a sports medical scientific conference titled “International Conference on Science and Medicine in Aquatic Sports (SMAS)” was sugned between the Faculty of Kinesiology in Split and CroWP. The signing was done by Mladen Drnasin, president of CroWP – and also by Damir Sekulić, Dean of the Faculty of Kinesiology in Split.

“Our Faculty of Kinesiology is the bearer of knowledge in sports and therefore, this conference that will be held during the competition will attract a large number of both sports professionals, and coaches, both former and current players and all those who want to learn something new, that is, the latest trends regarding physical fitness, movement and everything that happens in sports,” Mladen Drnasin pointed out.

“I think this is the best way of cooperation between the scientific academic community and professional and any other organizations, and in this case it is of course, our most successful sports federation, the Croatian Water Polo Federation. I can’t escape from expressing my emotions a little bit because I worked in water polo for a long time, so it is both a personal and professional pleasure that we have established this kind of cooperation,” commented Damir Sekulic.

The conference, which was also supported by LEN, which speaks volumes about the significance of the event itself, is scheduled from September 1st to September 4th, 2022, on the University Campus in the building of the University Department of Health Studies. At this commendable international conference, numerous renowned world experts working in the field of research in water sports will present their scientific papers. Some of the invited guests will be: Prof. Emeritus Boris Labar, since 1993 a doctor of the Croatian water polo team, from Greece come Dr. Petros Botonis, one of the more active scientists in the world when it comes to water polo research and Dr. Argyris Toubekis whose research is based on training and training effects in swimmers. Our guest will also be the acclaimed neuroscientist Marko Herceg.

In addition to lectures, the conference will have a panel discussion with renowned water polo players, winners of Olympic, world and European medals. Thus, on the interactive panel we will have a unique opportunity to listen to Igor Milanović, the coach of Olympiakos, Elvis Fatović, the coach of Barceloneta and Arno Havenga, the sports director of the Dutch Federation. In the role of panel moderator, we will have the legendary coach Ratko Rudić.

With the numerous water polo events that Split hosts, do not miss out on “swimming” in this panel. See you!