Slovenia and Slovakia instead of Russia

The European Swimming League (LEN) has determined that the national teams of Slovenia (men) and Slovakia (women) will compete at the 35th European Water Polo Championships in Split from August 27th to September 10th this year. This completes the list of participants for the competition in the Spaladium Arena.

Since Russia was prevented from participating in the European Championships in Split due to sanctions, it was necessary to determine who would fill the vacant places in both the men’s and women’s competitions. The criterion is very clear: the best third-placed team from the qualifications, based on the number of points won.

In the men’s competition, it is Slovenia, who won 6 points in 4 games (an average of 1.5 points). Turkey scored 3 points in 3 games (an average of 1 point).

In the women’s competition, the best third-placed team in the qualifications is Slovakia, but in this case, the goal difference was decisive. Namely, the two teams had the same average of points scored. Slovakia and Switzerland both scored 6 points in 4 games in the qualifications, so the goal difference was counted, and the Slovaks were better. Specifically, Slovakia’s goal difference in the qualifications was 51:35 (+16), and Switzerland’s 40:51 (-11).

The appearance of the Slovenian men’s national team in Split in 2022 will be their return to the European stage after the European Championships in Belgrade in 2006. The Slovak women’s national team last competed at the European Championships in Budapest two years ago.